The First Year!

Ministers of Grace: Cherubim & Seraphim was released one year ago today! If you still haven’t read it, check it out here.

The man I love and with whom I intend to spend the rest of my life formally asked me to marry him last Saturday night (6/14). Yet even though I knew that day was coming—we’d been discussing it for weeks, and we even chose my engagement ring together—I hadn’t fully anticipated what would come next: the flurry of correspondence with everyone in our lives, the wedding planning, and also a permeating desire to bask in the glow of a celebratory occasion, time permitting. Consequently last Sunday, I had a choice awaiting me: spend the day with my fiancé or set up in my bedroom with a cup of tea and knock out Chapter 8 of Book 2. There was no contest, really. I mean, I’m never getting engaged again, am I? I’ll never have that sun-filled day after again, whereas there’s a Sunday evening somewhere not too far away where I can lock myself in the bedroom and redraft 4,000 words at lightning speed.

A halcyon glow is illuminating all the days ahead until our big day, which we’re hoping will be in October of this year, and to get it done, there is an unfortunate lack of time for much else. I’ve had barely the occasion to sit down and reply to emails from kind folks wishing us well, let alone the chance to put my brain to the task of refining prose. This blog post alone is writ by means of putting a second mortgage against borrowed time, and I still have a fields and fields worth of matters to see to before my eyes find their nightly rest tonight.

While I hate to announce it, the serialized release of Book 2 is now on hiatus until November at the soonest. Thank you to all of you who have been faithfully reading the new chapters as I’ve put them out, because you’re the reason I’m still doing this. (If you’re totally desperate to keep reading, I might be convinced to share with you the rest of the book, but that invitation is issued with a caveat that you’re reading an unrefined book that is subject to vast changes in the chapters ahead, so you really are better off to wait at this point.)

When I started planning this back in March, I had no idea that I’d be planning a wedding in June. You can’t really plan life, can you? 

Thank you again for your understanding, and I’ll do my best to stop back here over the next few months and drop off some prose/poetry whenever I can. 



Poet, essayist, literary critic, and 2014 Radcliffe Fellow Meghan O’Rourke on how we grieve, the messiness of mourning, and learning to live with loss – a soul-stirring read.

It’s hideous that there’s a laundry list of verifiable shit that I’ve had to endure as a female—from saccharinely delivered condescension and objectification to sexual harassment in the workplace and rape—and what’s worse is that the shame of admitting it is almost greater than the need to name it and brand it for what it is: UNACCEPTABLE. Feminism is absolutely necessary, and while I hope that equality awaits us in the future, we cannot delude ourselves into thinking that there’s any rest until we get there. Keep on keeping on, ladies! (And men and transgenders who want an actually level playing field.) 


Do your soul a favor and read this, the definitive manifesto for handling haters: Anne Lamott on perfectionism, priorities, and how we keep ourselves small with people-pleasing

(I’m blogging out of Tumblr while I  s l o o o o o o w l y  sort out the mess with my webhost after this hacking nightmare. Thanks for hanging like a stalactite! Mwah!)

While walking my pooch this morning, I had a shoulder-tapping hankering for writing some poetry. I haven’t jotted down any in a while—definitely not since I made the decision to release Virtues & Occultations in serial form—and I remembered that while in redrafting/editing mode, I need regular doses of stimulus to keep the creative wheels greased. Therefore, I challenged myself to knock out a seven-by-seven in seventeen minutes about seventeen minutes ago. Here’s what I got:


Distances are defined by
monochromatic shades: white
space, where light is not absorbed,
is where disconnects occur.
So I propose that we live
inside the darkest spots, where
all the colors congregate.

I feel much better now! Thanks!

Book 2 of Ministers of Grace goes on here. Book 1 is still 99¢ on Amazon. And I will continue to blather here.


I know it’s still only April 30th, but how megaexcited am I for May?

1. I’m going to continue releasing Book 2 of Minister of Grace in weekly installments—huzzah!;

2. My most excellent man’s band Pillow Theory will be playing at BAM on Fri 5/16 at 9:00 pm;

3. The incredible and super talented Bill DeMeritt will be appearing in The Normal Heart starring Julia Roberts and Mike Ruffalo on HBO on Sun 5/25;

4. Nicer weather (hopefully…? please…?);

5. Doesn’t matter what comes down the pike, but I’m gonna hunker down and celebrate every minute of existence the best way I can.